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About the GitoGroup


Embark on an unprecedented journey with THE GITOGROUP where innovation shapes the future of technology-enabled experiences. As pioneers of the digital revolution, our conviction lies in the power of creativity to unlock value and create endless opportunities. Discover unparalleled levels of digital experiences where Web3 and Blockchain meets Digital Transformation. Now is the time to capitalize on the next generation of technology advances, to create breakthrough innovations, and to flourish in an era of unrivaled disruption.


At THE GITOGROUP, we believe in a world free from outdated thinking and technology silos. We prioritize innovation and develop astute methods to embrace change and foster exponential growth. Our goal is to realign your focus from outdated technologies to transformative solutions, accelerating the delivery of change. Begin your journey at the crossroads of imagination and opportunity, unlocking boundless possibilities. Through the adoption of Digital Transformation, Web3, and Blockchain, our vision is to venture into uncharted frontiers of technological progress, cultivating an ecosystem that fuels innovation, generates value, and paves the way for unprecedented advancements.

Leadership Team

picture of Mark Orciuoli

Mark Orciuoli

President & CEO

picture of Kim Panes

Kim Panes

Executive Vice President

picture of Samantha Orciuoli

Samantha Orciuoli

Vice President of Development

picture of Deena Orciuoli

Deena Orciuoli

Hospitality & CPG Advisor

picture of Monica Martinez

Monica Martinez

Vice President of Operations